Grandmas Beach Treats
Wasaga Beach

Grandmas Started with Our now famous handmade caramel corn 

It all started in 2005 with a vacant space in our new building. We decided to build a new business from the ground up. Our friend had just returned from a vacation somewhere along the east coast of the United States. He had encountered a store that sold nothing but Caramel Corn and he told us of line-ups out the door. Well that prompted some research and eventually Grandmas Beach Treats was born.


We have all been to the movies or strolled through the local mall and had the intoxicating effect that the smell of fresh Pop-Corn creates. Who wouldn't want their own theatre sized Pop-Corn Machine and all the fixings. After an exhaustive search and substantial investment, we had obtained all of the equipment necessary. We then started preparing hundreds and hundreds of batches of Pop-Corn. We took that Pop-Corn and Coated it with a new recipe for our fresh Caramel. We would cool it, package it all in plastic tubs and put A or B on the Bottom of the tub. A slightly different recipe was used in the second tub and we started handing them out. In the first three months, we probably handed out no less than 2000 tubs of Caramel Corn to customers, neighbours, friends and relatives. With their assistance in selecting the preferred taste and texture, we continued to modify the recipe until we had it just right. That same recipe is used today and will be used for years to come.


Our recipe uses ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. There are no ingredients you can't pronounce. We start with Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup and a pound of Butter. A touch of salt is added and a little vanilla and baking soda. Adding the right ingredients at precicely the right moment is a key part of the process, but we have perfected it. As we feel our staff are ready to learn the technique, we train them and it takes about 20 minutes to create approximately 5 gallons of our thick gooey treat. It must be stirred by hand until it cools and then it is packaged for your enjoyment.


During the winter of 2010, we took it to the next level and developed our new package. Ingredients, nutritional information, graphic design, material selection, three months of hard work and a few cheques. That's all that it takes to create professional packaging. This will enable us to sell our Caramel Corn outside of our store and our plans are to eventually make it grow to a product that is available throughout Ontario.


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A fresh batch posing for a picture.